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The Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill is an international, apostolic community of women religious whose work is rooted in faith, animated by prayer, supported by the common life, and performed in simplicity and charity. Programs supported by the sisters are respectful of human dignity, protective of human rights, and devoted especially to the poor and oppressed.

Seton Arts Service Corps Summer Arts Camp

Summer arts camp will be held at Caritas Christi July 21-25

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Change of location for Taize Prayer for Peace

Change of location for Taize Prayer for Peace

Please note: Taize Prayer for Peace will be held at Caritas Christi due to renovations taking place at Doran Hall.

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Lenten Reflections

Lenten Reflections

Click on the image for Meditations in Poetry and Line on the Passion of Christ.

Palm Sunday and Holy Week

The very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from trees and strewed them on the ground. Matthew 21:8

They spat upon him and took the reed and kept striking him on the head, And when they had mocked him,they stripped him of the cloak, dressed him in his own clothes and led him out to be crucified.”
Matthew 27: 30 – 31

The contrast between Palm Sunday and Good Friday is clear and causes us to ponder. Are these the same people? ts this the same man?

We sometimes experience the “good times”: joy, friendship, praise, positions which bring satisfaction. We know we are accepted and liked and that people look up to us.

Sometimes we experience the opposite, as Jesus did in rejection and ultimately in crucifixion.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton experienced at different times the same contrasts that Jesus did. She was a very popular young woman in New York; within a few short years she was an outcast of society. She had a loving family and much of this world’s goods. Then she was poor and those nearest her had died.

Mother Seton, always believing and looking forward to her “dear eternity,” drank the cup as Jesus did, walking through the palm branches and then accepting rejection and suffering.

Our journey may not be as dramatic as was Jesus’ or Mother Seton’s, but we too must accept all, as we move forward in faith, so that our life of joy or pain or sorrow may be lived in the Risen Jesus.